Frequent Questions

We have compiled all the common questions from new and undecided customers.

How is Pland different from other systems?

Non-Israeli systems offer convenient interfaces for creating professional websites and landing pages, but do not include Hebrew support. In contrast, Israeli systems for creating websites and landing pages with Hebrew support do not allow for professional design and finishing levels. At Pland, we focus on creating professional websites and landing pages with modern designs, without compromising on full Hebrew support.

Is there a need for programming or design knowledge?

No. One of the principles guiding us at Pland is that most people are not designers: they do not understand color combinations, spacing, layouts, font types and sizes, and adapting the page to different screen sizes. Therefore, we have integrated dozens of color schemes and pre-made content components, automatically adapted to all screen sizes. You will not need to make critical design decisions - just input your content, images, and services, and your site will look stunning without any additional effort.

Are the site and landing pages also adapted for mobile phone and tablet screens?

Yes. Every page created in the Pland system is automatically adjusted to all screen sizes: smartphones, tablets, laptops, and large screens. There is no need to design multiple versions of your page as with other systems.

Can the site be integrated with other systems?

Yes. As of today, we offer an interface through Webhook to your internal systems, or to systems such as Zapier that allow you to route your leads data wherever you want. In the near future, we will open several dedicated interfaces to popular Israeli marketing, automation, and customer management systems.

Can external scripts be added to the site?

We allow connecting to Google's Tag Manager for your pages. This way, you can easily and quickly add external scripts to your site and pages.

How can I measure the amount of entries and sources of traffic to my site?

Through an interface with Google's Tag Manager, you can connect any analytics systems you want, such as Google Analytics and the free Microsoft Clarity.

Is it possible to receive payments for products and/or services?

As of today, you can connect external links to any payment system you want. Thus, if you have set up a payment page in an external payment system, you can link to it from the site or landing page you created in Pland. There are several Israeli systems that allow receiving payments, including Green Invoice, Paid, eventer, and eventbuzz. Currently, it is not possible to manage a store, inventory, and orders through Pland, nor to receive payments directly through the system. We intend to develop payment options, inventory and product management, and store features in the near future.

Is it possible to invite several people to design and edit the site and landing pages for one account?

Yes. You can invite an unlimited number of employees, clients, and partners to your account, with limited permissions, so they can help you establish, edit, and manage the site, landing pages, and leads in the Pland system.

Is it possible to build a site and landing pages using a phone?

As of today, you need to use a computer to create the site and pages, and it is not possible to build them through mobile. However, you can access your account via mobile, view leads, and perform additional actions. We are currently working on the possibility for you to establish and edit the site and landing pages from your mobile.
Simple and easy to use

Our system is simple and intuitive, and suitable even for those who are not tech-savvy.

Beautiful and modern designs

No need to understand design, and no need to pay a designer and/or programmer to set up a beautiful website.

Full support in Hebrew

The end of question marks at the beginning of the sentence, basic fonts, and designs that only support left-to-right writing.

“I started receiving so many leads... Finally, I have a website that looks good! It's really easy to build it - 5 minutes is the truth”
Mor - Founder of 'Professional Courage' Course
Founder of 'Professional Courage' Course

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