Terms of Use

1.Agreement to Terms

These terms apply to both visitors to the Pland site and registered users who use the system and visit the site, covering interactions that occur both on the Pland site and system and on the content pages created by Pland customers. By using Pland, you agree to these terms of use. If you do not agree, do not use Pland.

2.Ownership of Content

  • 1.Users retain full ownership rights to the content they create using Pland. Pland does not claim any rights to content created by users.
  • 2.Users do not own the code of the content pages they create in the Pland system, and are not allowed to use it outside the Pland system.

3.Usage Restrictions

  • 1.Users are allowed to publish only legal content of businesses and legal initiatives according to the laws of the State of Israel.
  • 2.Publishing, sharing, and displaying pornography of any kind is strictly prohibited.
  • 3.Users are allowed to publish only original content, or content for which they have received explicit permission to use.
  • 4.Publishing content related to national security, sensitive personal information, or attempts at "phishing" or impersonation is strictly prohibited.
  • 5.Users are not allowed to send spam to contacts who have submitted their details through the content pages created in Pland. Users are allowed to send only messages that directly relate to the content published on the content page where they left their details.
  • 6.Users are not allowed to request sensitive information such as passwords and credit card numbers, or any other information that requires encryption, from visitors to their pages.
  • 7.Users are allowed to represent their own business or initiative, or that of their clients. Users are not allowed to impersonate or represent a business they are not part of, without explicit permission to do so.
  • 8.Users are not allowed to export, copy, or duplicate the code of the content pages created in the Pland system, nor to use it outside the Pland system.
  • 9.Users are not allowed to copy the design, design line, and/or the design and graphic elements of the content pages created in the Pland system, and to use them outside the Pland system.

4.Use of Information

Pland respects its customers' privacy. We do not sell the information collected on our customers' content pages, do not use it for advertising and marketing of any kind, and do not misuse it in any way. We only store it for legitimate use in the Pland system.

5.Third-Party Interfaces

  • 1.Pland interfaces with reliable analytics providers such as Google and Microsoft.
  • 2.All contact information collected by Pland customers is sent to and stored with Pland's cloud service providers. In addition, users can use Webhook technology to send their contact data to third-party services, for which Pland is not responsible.
  • 3.Users can choose to interface with Google Tag Manager on their content pages.

6.Payment and Subscription

  • 1.Pland offers three subscription packages: a free package with limitations on system features, a basic paid package with fewer limitations on system features, and a professional paid package with no limitations.
  • 2.Refunds are made proportionally to the time paid for but not yet used, based on monthly payment pricing.
  • 3.Users can cancel their subscription or change their subscription package independently through their account settings in the system, and limitations on system features apply immediately.

7.Termination of Service

  • 1.Accounts that violate these terms may be blocked. Pland provides a warning and a grace period to correct the violation, except in severe cases.
  • 2.The decision to delete or retain information collected by the blocked account will be decided on a case-by-case basis.

8.Limitation of Liability

  • 1.Pland uses reliable third-party infrastructure providers, such as Google, over which Pland has no control. We are not responsible for service disruptions in Pland resulting from service disruptions in these providers.
  • 2.Although we strive for 99% system operational time without shutdown and use recommended information security measures, Pland is not responsible for faults outside our control.
  • 3.Pland is not responsible for the reliability and quality of the offers or products presented or offered by our clients, in the content pages created in the Pland system and outside it.


The exclusive jurisdiction for any matter and dispute relating to the contents and the use of the Pland system is the State of Israel.

10.Privacy and Data Security

Pland respects and implements Israeli privacy laws. Pland encourages users to familiarize themselves with these laws to understand their rights.