Privacy Policy

Who Are We?

Pland is the entity operating the service for which this privacy policy is written. For the purpose of providing the service, we collect information about you, as detailed in our privacy policy. The information collected about you will be stored with us and transferred to others only in accordance with the policy.

Do You Have to Provide Us with Information?

In this case, there is no legal obligation to provide information, but without the information, it will not be possible to receive the services.

What Personal Information Do We Keep About You?

Personal information is information that refers to you. It can be information that personally identifies you, or just information that may identify you. The information we keep about you includes your full name, your email address, your phone number, the payment method you provide us, additional identifying information you provide us through the service, and we may collect more identifying information about you in case you contact us and we need to keep this information for service purposes.

What Non-Personally Identifiable Information Do We Keep About You?

Non-personally identifiable information is not personal information, but together with more details it can indicate something. For example, a list of pages viewed on a certain site can teach which sports team you support. Therefore, it is important to note that the non-identifying information collected about you is your use of the service, such as the pages you have viewed, technical information about your end device, such as browser version, your operating system, screen resolution, and the like, and non-personally identifiable statistical information such as country, population segment, estimated age.

How Do We Collect Information About You?

The question of how information about you is collected is important, as sometimes information is collected from various sources. The collection methods can sometimes include both information that you directly provide to the one who collects information about you and information received from other sources. In this case, we collect the information you provide us while using our service only.

How Do We Use the Information Collected?

Even if very little information is collected about you, but shared with everyone, it can influence the use of the information by the database owner. In our case, we use the collected information for the purpose of providing the service, we use the information for direct mailing and sending advertisements.

Who Has Access to Information About You?

The fewer people have access to information about you, the less chance there is for misuse. We provide access to the information to our employees, who are under full confidentiality obligation.

Do Third Parties Have Access to Information?

Third parties can use the information and pass it on to others, and their privacy policy should also be checked. We allow a number of third parties to use the information, including the Google Analytics service that provides statistical services to the site, the MailChimp service that sends emails for us, and reliable analytics providers such as Google and Microsoft.

How Can We Contact You?

People feel very uncomfortable providing personal information when they do not know what will happen with their information. A service that respects your privacy will not send you spam and will not bombard you with advertisements. You can always request to be removed from our mailing list. If the information was passed on to others, the removal will apply to them as well.

How Do We Report Security Incidents?

As of today and by law, not all information databases are required to report all security incidents, and it's a shame. When a certain organization cares about you and your information, it will report any suspicion of misuse. In our case, we only report to you about serious information security incidents, if they occur.

Who Is Our Privacy Officer, and How Can You Contact Him?

We respect your privacy and the law, therefore we have a privacy officer in the organization, Tom Sitton. You can contact him via email at Our privacy officer will receive your complaints and examine them.

Do We Use Cookies?

A cookie is a computer file that is implanted in your computer or end device and allows you to be identified when you browse various websites. During the service, the service uses cookies to allow you to log in.